Upgrading/Downgrading Resources - Cloud Dedicated Server

In this guide, you will learn how to upgrade or downgrade the resources on your Cloud Dedicated Server through our Secure Customer Portal.


Below are the steps in order to proceed with upgrading or downgrading the resources :


- Login to your Secure Customer Portal

- Navigate to Services → My Services and select the related Cloud or Cloud Dedicated Server

- After selecting the preferable service, navigate to Upgrade/Downgrade option at the Server Management Page 

- Select Click to continue at the next window prompt

- On the next web page there will be a list with the available features/resources to Upgrade/Downgrade at your service as shown on the below image

- Once completed at the necessary changes, click at the Click to Continue section to proceed.


Based on the upgrade/downgrade you have selected to proceed, you can follow the guide(s) below in order to take effect at your server :


CPU Cores, RAM Memory

Your server needs to be stopped and started.
Please login to your server via SSH if you are using Linux or with Remote Desktop if you are using Windows and shut down the operating system. 
In order to boot it again, you need to visit the management interface of your server. Please login to your Secure Customer Portal at https://portal.massivegrid.com , navigate to Services / My Services and select the related server. The status of the server should be Stopped. Press the Boot button in order to boot it again. You can track the boot process by using noVNC


SSD Disk expansion, HDD Disk expansion

If you have requested an expansion of your SSD or HDD disk, then you need to expand the file system of your server in order to use the extra space.
You can perform the action yourself (either within your operating system or by booting it with Gparted ISO from your server management interface) or open a new ticket to our Support Department requesting the file system expansion. Please note that you need to provide us with your Administrator/Root credentials.


Additional Block Storage

If you have requested Additional Block Storage, then no actions are requested from our side.
Our system allows you either to create one disk and assign to it all the additional purchased capacity or to create several disks which can not exceed in total the additional purchased capacity.
In order to manage the disks according to your needs, please consult the article Additional Block Storage (add/resize/delete disk tutorial) - https://portal.massivegrid.com/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=89 from our Knowledge Base


Additional HDD Disk

If you have requested a new HDD disk, then actions from our side are needed in order to be installed on your server.
Please login to your Secure Customer Portal at https://portal.massivegrid.com and open a new ticket to our Support Department requesting to install the HDD Disk.


IP Addresses

No actions are needed from our side. Your new IP addresses will be visible at the management interface of your server. It is only needed to add them to your operating system


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