OS Re-Installation using Auto-Install ISOs from MassiveGRID's Secure Customer Portal (Virtual Private Cloud)

Re-Installation of OS using Auto-Install ISOs from Secure Customer Portal

Please follow the below instructions for reinstalling the preferable OS.


Auto-Install ISOs:

- Log in to MassiveGRID's Secure Customer Portal (https://portal.massivegrid.com/clientarea.php).

- Go to menu Services > My Services.

- Select the Active Virtual Private Cloud Server, you need to re-install OS (the attached image contains test services for this tutorial)



- Once selected, the overview of your server will be prompted. Select Manage/Stats Tab in order to proceed with the OS/ISO selection.



- Select the preferable deployed server you wish to re-install the Operating System by clicking on the edit server button



- Select the edit at CD/DVD Disc Image File section to proceed with the list of Auto-Install ISO images



--Select the preferable auto-install ISO from the drop-down ISO menu and select Save Changes



- Open noVNC console by navigating on the right sidebar under the Manage VM Tab



- Click on the Commands button and select Reset.

At boot screen press ESC & choose the 2nd option "DVD/CD".


- Watch auto installation from the open NoVNC Console session. Once the installation is completed, kindly proceed by unmounting the Auto-Install ISO from the Virtual CD/DVD Drive and selecting Save Changes. You can log in with default pre-setup credentials  (username: root (for Linux) or Administrator (for Windows), password: letMeIn!) by using SSH/RDP remote access port 51821.

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