Free SSL certificate for all High Availability cPanel Web Hosting packages

MassiveGRID offers a free SSL certificate to all clients who have purchased a web hosting service.

This feature is already available for all cPanel servers, both for new and existing clients. No further procedures in your cPanel account are required to install and activate the certificate.

Please note that you will have to check for any changes you may need to make to your website’s code, for the website to load through https and the green padlock icon to appear.

Please note: 

  1. The certificate is recognized by all browsers, as it is signed by Comodo, one of the biggest security providers.
  2. The certificate covers the main domain of your website, including a big number of subdomains, addon domains and parked domains.
  3. The SSL certificate is active and valid as long as you remain a client of MassiveGRID.
  4. If you have already installed a third party SSL certificate, it will not be automatically replaced by the free SSL certificate we offer. You will have to uninstall the other certificate from your domain and delete it from your cPanel account. As soon as you have proceeded with the actions mentioned above, the free SSL certificate, offered by MassiveGRID, will be automatically installed within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can you check if the free SSL certificate has been successfully installed?


To check if the certificate has been successfully installed you will have to login to your cPanel account. From there search and click on the SSL / TLS option. On the new page, click on Generate, View, Upload, or Delete SSL certificates. You will view a list of the certificates that are installed on your cPanel account. To see if the certificate has been successfully installed on your domain, return back to the SSL / TLS page, click on Manage SSL Sites, and you will view a list of all the domains that have an installed SSL certificate.

2. My website is hosted on another web hosting provider. I want to migrate to MassiveGRID. Before changing the nameservers I want to make sure that the free SSL certificate you offer will work as intended. What should I do?



In order to validate that the free SSL certificate works as intended with your website, visits to your domain should be necessarily directed to our server. Otherwise, there is no way for Comodo to validate that you are the owner of the domain.

After you have migrated the files of your website to MassiveGRID, you can proceed to your tests in the following ways:

    a) From your current web hosting provider or DNS Records administrator, change the IP of A Record for your domain and replace it with the IP of the MassiveGRID server on which your website is going to be hosted.

    b) Change the nameservers of your domain and use the nameservers of MassiveGRID. Please note that in this case, for DNS Servers to be updated worldwide, up to 48 hours might be needed.

Please note that regardless of which way you wish to proceed through, for the SSL Certificate to be installed successfully, up to 24 hours will be required.

3. What should I do if I buy a new hosting plan, add a new subdomain, addon domain or parked domain?

There is no further action required from your side. The free SSL certificate will be installed within 24 hours.

4. Does the free SSL certificate expire? Are there actions I need to take to renew it?

The free SSL certificate is active for 3 months, starting from the day of installation, and is renewed automatically a few days before it expires.

5. There have been more than 24 hours and the free SSL certificate has not been installed or I face another problem related to it.

You can either install it manually or visit the Client Area (click here) and open a new ticket with our Support Department. Your request will be handled as soon as possible.

To install the free SSL certificate manually, please follow the steps below:

i) Login to your cPanel account

ii) Click on Security / SSL/TLS Status

iii) Click on Run AutoSSL. You will see “Run AutoSSL” changing to “AutoSSL is in progress…” This process facilitates the installation of the free SSL certificate in all domains and subdomains of the cPanel account. Once installation is complete you will see the following message: “Success: The AutoSSL check has completed. The page will refresh in 5 seconds.” An automatic renewal of the page will take place. The free SSL certificate must be installed in all domains and subdomains. If you face any problems with this process, please submit a ticket with our Support Department, through our client portal (click here).

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