About our H/A Dedicated Servers

General Description
Our High Availability Dedicated Servers (H/A D.S.) are Dedicated Servers that run in High Availability Clusters. Each Dedicated Server is assigned a Dedicated Set of Resources and since it runs on High Availability Clusters, it combines the power and the stability of a Dedicated Server with the Reliability and Scalability of a High Availability Cluster.


  • Reliable. High Availability at all levels (Computing, Network and Storage)
  • Scalable. You can upgrade your Dedicated Server at any time with minimal downtime. Only a power cycle is required.
  • KVMoIP access. You can access your server at any case. Even if you shutdown the network of your server.
  • Full root access. You have full control on your server

Suitable for

H/A Dedicated Servers are suitable for clients that need a reliable and powerful server. If you need more than one server or you need internal networking between your servers, you can check our H/A Private Clouds.

About our High Availability

Our R&D Department after combining 15 years of experience in the Hosting Industry has built a specific High Availability Architecture that is used in our High Availability Servers and Private Cloud products. For more information about our High Availability Architecture you can ask our sales department.

On the table below you can see the comparison between our High Availability Servers and other types of Servers.

(Virtual Private Server) Multiple Virtual Servers in a Single Host
Cloud Server
Multiple Virtual Servers in a Multiple Hosts
(Virtual Dedicated Server) One Virtual Server in a Single Host
Bare Metal Dedicated Server, MassiveGRID's H/A Dedicated Servers

Full Virtualization

No Yes (possibly) No N/A Yes
Dedicated Resources No No Yes (possibly) Yes Yes
High Availability in Computing No No No No Yes
High Availability in Storage No No No No Yes
High Availability in Network No Yes (possibly) No No Yes
Storage Technology Single Disks or RAID RAID

Single Disks or RAID

Single Disks or RAID Self-Healing CEPH
Scaling Low Medium Low No High / Unlimited
Flexibility Low Medium Low None High
Busy Neighbor Problem Yes Semi Semi No No
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