Issue a newly purchased SSL Certificate / Renew an existing SSL Certificate

1. Login to your Secure Customer Portal, by visiting and select Services / My Services

2. From the list with your active services, locate your SSL and click on Active indication.

Your SSL dashboard will be displayed, which contains information like cost and billing cycle. Click on button Certificate Enrollment at the end of the page. If you are performing renewal of an existing certificate, the button will be called Renew Enrollment

3. At the displayed form, please perform the following actions:

a) Select or enter the e-mail address that will be used by the Certification Authority to confirm that you are the domain owner. Please follow the instructions you are going to receive and after that, you will receive your certificate at the same address.

You can either enter at field Domain Registrant (reg-c) Email Address the domain owner e-mail address as displayed on the WHOIS, or select address from the list at field Or select a default Email Address

b) Enter your CSR at field CSR . If you own a cPanel server, you can create it by logging in to your cPanel and selecting menu SSL/TLS . In any other case, it is needed to create it by following the official Comodo guide at
If you are performing renewal of an existing certificate, you must already own a CSR. If you do not have access to it, please proceed on creating a new one.

4) When all fields are completed, please click on button Enroll Certificate in order to submit the form on the Certification Authority. If you are performing renewal of an existing certificate, the button will be called Renew Certificate

After form submission, please follow the instructions you will receive on your e-mail, in order to confirm that you are the domain owner and receive your certificate.

Then you can install your certificate at your service.

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