Upgrading/Downgrading Resources - Virtual Private Cloud

In this guide, you will learn how to upgrade or downgrade the resources on your Virtual Private Cloud through our Secure Customer Portal.


Below are the steps in order to proceed with upgrading or downgrading the resources :

- Login to your Secure Customer Portal
- Navigate to Services → My Services and select the related Virtual Private Cloud

- After selecting the preferable service, navigate to Upgrade/Downgrade option at the Server Management Page 

- On the next web page there will be a list with the available features/resources to Upgrade/Downgrade at your service as shown on the below image

- Once completed at the necessary changes, click at the Click to Continue section to proceed.

After receiving the confirmation from our Billing Department that the order has been completed, you can proceed with the below steps in order to upgrade the related resources : 

- To increase/upgrade the CPU/RAM/Primary Disk resources, select the related server as shown in the image below. In this case, we will use Test-Server-1

- Then, on the right sidebar, select under the Manage VM tab the Upgrade option

- On the next web page, select which resources you wish to upgrade/downgrade at your server, and once completed, click on Save Changes (All changes will be applied once the virtual machine reboots) 

- In case you wish to add an additional block storage at your Virtual Machine, select from the right sidebar the Disks, under Manage Tools  

You can find additional information regarding the Additional Block Storage on how to increase the capacity based on the operating system, here. In any case and to avoid any data loss, kindly contact our Support Department in order to create a Snapshot before any actions.

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