About our H/A Private Clouds (VPC & DPC)

General Description

Our High Availability Private Clouds (either H/A Virtual Private Clouds or Dedicated Private Clouds) are Private Clouds that run on High Availability Clusters. As a client of a Private Cloud you can create any amount of Servers in your Private Cloud. Since the Private Clouds run on High Availability Clusters, the Servers you create in your Private Cloud will be High Availability Servers.


  • High Availability at all levels (Computing, Network, Storage)
  • Internal Networking
  • Control panel to create servers in the private cloud and manage their resources in real time
  • Scalable. You can upgrade your Private Cloud or the Resources you have available in your Private Cloud at any time
  • KVMoIP on each server in your Private Cloud

Suitable for

Private Clouds are suitable for clients that need to have multiple servers. Also in your Private Cloud you can enable internal networking between the Servers you create in your Private Cloud

About our High Availability

Our R&D Department after combining 15 years of experience in the Hosting Industry has built a specific High Availability Architecture that is used in our High Availability Servers and Private Cloud products. For more information about our High Availability Architecture you can ask our sales department.

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